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Published: 15th November 2010
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I have been on a roll with serpentine patterns so I decided to create one more using this basic bead weaving technique.

This time I used it to create a Serpentine Ring.

The technique is basically the same as the necklace and the bracelet I already introduced. You put seed beads or round beads on one string and larger beads on the other.

I did something a little unique with the ring design.

I had always wanted a turquoise ring so I bought some 4mm natural stone beads at a bead show a while back, but I hadn't done anything with them yet. If you are addicted to beading, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. :)

So I tried making the ring with these natural turquoise stones.

If you look very closely at the ring design, I used the turquoise beads to create a picot and then a serpentine weave both above and below the picot to create symmetry.

Of course, you don't have to use natural stones when you create this ring. You can use any kind of round 4mm beads.

I also used 1.8mm sterling silver round beads around the turquoise beads because I thought it gave a nice contrast, but you can use size 11 seed beads in place of these if you like.

I also wanted to make the turquoise stand out so instead of using another round bead shape around the edges I used very light colored czech fire beads and the shape and color of those worked perfectly to make the focus of the ring design the turquoise beads and silver round beads.

This design is a little more advanced than the necklace and bracelet but is really fun to create.

The only thing you have to be careful about is if you use natural stones it can be difficult to get a precise ring size because the size of the beads can vary significantly.

So you have to experiment a bit to get the size you want.

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